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Each fall, the campus of Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina comes alive with the addition of hundreds of high school students participating in the annual Fine Arts and Preaching Festival. HSMA has been a part of this festival since 2002; we have found it to be a superior festival, and a lot of fun!

We encourage as many high school students as possible to participate. The cost is very reasonable, and it is an outstanding experience. Below is the information you need to know about the Festival.

Please review About the BJU FestivalGeneral Info, Festival Guidelines and Copyright Information documents. Then, you can print out the BJU Festival Registration Form, fill it out and sign it. In addition, you need to get the completed form to Mr. Case not later than Monday, September 23.

NOTE: When completing the form, the school should be "Home School Music Association," with the school address as "10123 Bennington Rd., Laingsburg, MI 48848"

BJU requires that a group such as HSMA send in all forms at the same time, and that a single check be made out to BJU. In order to accomplish that, the printed, signed forms must be given to Mr. Case before the deadline. HSMA will make out one check for BJU; please make out a check for your total, payable to HSMA.