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Youth Arts Coalition

Solo and Ensemble Festival

Honors Track-Proficiency Information and Rules

Wind, String, Percussion and Harp Proficiency examinations include:


Purpose: To select the best performers for Honors Ensemble Concert to perform in May under the direction of a college or professional conductor. Students will be chosen for the Honors Orchestra by their final proficiency score. This ensemble will be a Chamber (full) Orchestra of about 30-38 musicians. If there are enough qualified vocal students, an 8-12 member Honors Choir will be chosen.


All high school vocal and instrumental soloists (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grade) choosing the honors track must perform the Proficiency Examination. Proficiencies I-IV line up with grades 9-12 (grade 9-Proficiency I, grade 10-Proficiency II, etc). Students may play any proficiency which they have not already passed, up to the proficiency at their grade level. Having passed Proficiency I in the previous year, the entrant must enter Proficiency II, etc. If an entrant fails to pass Proficiency I the previous year, they may repeat Proficiency I.

The following categories are open at each grade:

9th grade-Proficiency I, may not enter II, III, or IV

10th grade-Proficiency I or II, may not enter III or IV

11th grade-Proficiency I, II, or III, may not enter IV

12th grade-Proficiency I, II, III, or IV

Vocal Honors Track general information (includes sight singing proficiencies)

Instrumental Honors Track general information (includes proficiencies)