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Uniform Requirement
Every HSMA student and adult participant must purchase a uniform to be worn at all performances. The HSMA uniform is a symbol of one's service and is to treated with respect; wearing it is a privilege that comes after a certain level of achievement. It represents what HSMA stands for: excellence in music, Christlike conduct, and a desire to serve the Lord and others.
(Click on the highlighted links to see pictures of the uniforms)
For women in the senior groups, the uniform is the blue dress, neutral nylons and black closed-toe shoes.  For men in the senior groups, the uniform is black tuxedo pants, white shirt with black studs (please wear a white undershirt under the tux shirt), blue bow tie, black socks and black dress shoes.  All other participants are to wear the blue HSMA shirt with black skirt, neutral nylons and black closed-toe dress shoes for women; black pants with black belt, black socks and black dress shoes for the men.
Performers are to arrive at the performance venue in full uniform and wear only the uniform until they leave.  No jeans, sweatshirts, etc.
Uniform Orders
If you are interested in purchasing a used uniform, please check the classifieds before submitting a uniform order. Once the order is submitted, your account will be charged.
Only one order form is needed per family. To place an order, download and complete the form, then bring it to rehearsal. There will be a box on the check in table. You will receive an email confirmation and it will be billed to your account. Please check it for errors!